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EMS next day delivery service to Beijing(NOTE)

Information on Beijing

Bringing you information on operations in Beijing and the local area in Q&A format

Information on Beijing

Post Offices handling next day delivery(NOTE)to Beijing and acceptance deadlines

Post Offices Acceptance Deadline
Tokyo *1 Kojimachi Post Office
Nihonbashi Post Office
Harumi Post Office
Shiba Post Office
Akasaka Post Office
Takanawa Post Office
Ginza Post Office
Hongo Post Office
Kanda Post Office
Koishikawa Post Office
Shinjuku Post Office
Ushigome Post Office
Shinjuku-kita Post Office
Toshima Post Office
Shibuya Post Office
Yoyogi Post Office
Tokyo International Post Office
Shinagawa Post Office
Osaki Post Office
Tokyo Chuo Post Office
Kyobashi Post Office
Azabu Post Office
Post offices within the Chuo, Chiyoda. Toshima, Minato, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Bunkyo wards
(excluding the above post offices marked with *1, Sugamo Post Office and other 60 sunshine post offices)

  • There is a possibility that delivery will take longer depending on transportation conditions, customs inspection and flight load situation.
  • In the case that the postal goods are subject to taxation or customs inspections, delivery will take place after the prescribed cutoms formalities are completed.
  • There is a possibility that changes to the embarkation of postal goods may change without advanced notification.

EMS next day delivery(NOTE)area in Beijing

Beijing Partially covered districts Xuanwu, Chongwen, Fengtai, Daxing, Haidian, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Xicheng, Shijingshan
Postal codes for the relevant areas 100001、100004、100005、100006、100007、100009、100010、100011、100013、100016、 100020、100021、100022、100026、100027、100028、100029、100031、100032、100034、 100035、100036、100037、100038、100039、100040、100043、100044、100045、100051、 100052、100053、100054、100055、100061、100062、100067、100068、100069、100070、 100071、100073、100075、100076、100077、100078、100080、100081、100083、100084、 100085、100086、100088、100098、100101、100102、100107、100108、100176、100400、 100500、100700、100800、

Acceptance days

Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays.)

EMS next day delivery to China

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