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Message from the President


I would like to express my appreciation to our customers for your continued use of our post offices.

For over 140 years since the founding of our postal operations in 1871, post offices have provided postal, banking, and insurance services based on the concept of offering customers security while earning their trust.

Regarding the business environment surrounding Japan Post Co., Ltd., while the volume of postal mail is declining, interest rates remain at extremely low levels and the super-aging of society is ongoing, the growth in the volume of Yu-Pack parcels due to the remarkable development of the e-commerce market is continuing and the shift of funds from savings to asset building is expected to proceed. I recognize that our management challenge is putting our business operations on the path of stable growth by anticipating and responding to such changes in the business environment.

Under these circumstances, in May 2018, Japan Post Group, to which Japan Post Co., Ltd. belongs, announced the Japan Post Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2020.

Under the medium-term management plan, we aim to secure stable profits by strengthening the postal service and logistical functions and the post office network through the provision of products and services tailored to the social needs and the review of operations. We will also continue to make thorough efforts to ensure compliance, including appropriate collection of postal fees, so that we can better secure customers' trust.

We will continue to increase the value of the post office network by providing a variety of services unique to post offices with a "customers first" mindset. We appreciate your continued patronage and use of our post offices.

Kunio Yokoyama, President and CEO


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