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Products lineup/guidance for users

Purpose-specific Yu-Pack service

Refrigerated Yu-Pack

Refrigerated temperature

Yu-Pack parcels that should be kept refrigerated are delivered under refrigerated temperature from acceptance to delivery.

Same-day delivery Yu-Pack

Basically, items deposited during the morning will be delivered on the same day.

Golf and Ski Yu-Pack

Golf and ski gear are sent to the golf course or hotels of the ski resort, etc. until the day before use.

Airport Yu-Pack

Travel luggage, golf and ski gear can be received at the designated counter within the airport located within the airport.

  • Only Airport Yu-Pack is handled at the Airport Yu-Pack handling counter.
    (Other Yu-Pack parcel services are unavailable.)

Conditions such as available size and weight

Weight: up to 30kg
  1. Total of length, width and thickness should be within 1.7m.
  2. The weight must be up to 30kg.
  • Limited to packages including content other than correspondence. However, unsealed attached notes such as brief notes on the content or billing statement and invoices can be enclosed.
  • Services with which correspondence cannot be sent

  • Please use the Yu-Pack label.
  • Items beyond the scope of 1 or 2 can also be accepted if fulfilling the conditions below.
  • In accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources, disposed household personal computers voluntarily collected by the manufacturer with the total of the length, width and thickness of the personal computer itself within 1.7m and with the weight of up to 30kg, and exceeds the scope of 1 or 2 by packaging
  • Travel luggage sent as Airport Yu-Pack, golf gear sent as Airport Yu-Pack or Golf Yu-Pack, or ski gears sent as Airport Yu-Pack or Golf Yu-Pack

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