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Features of Yu-Pack (parcel)

Special discount system

Discount 1

Discount for parcels carried into the counter

Discount 2

Discount for sending multiple items to the same address
  • Pattern 2 for Auction Yu-Pack (those applied of discount for entering the designated site in advance) is excluded.

Delivered on the designated day

The parcel is delivered on the preferred day and hours specified at the time of deposit.

Forwarding / redelivery whenduring absence

Forwarding to preferred location and redelivery according to preferred date are available.

There are also many other features of Yu-Pack parcel!

Track & Trace Service

The state of delivery can be informed promptly using the inquiry number shown on the Yu-Pack label.

Track and trace service is also available via the Internet.

Delivery notification service

The fact that the parcel was delivered safely is notified to the sender with the "notice of complete delivery" included in the Yu-Pack label.

Email notice of complete delivery service via the Internet

Compensation for damage

Should the Yu-Pack parcel is damaged or lost, the amount of actual damage up to 300,000 yen is compensated as a general rule.

It is recommended to use the security service when sending more expensive items.
* Security service cannot be used when deposited at convenience stores and agent stores.
The amount of actual damage is compensated within the amount declared (insured value) at the time of deposit.

Stickers to show perishable or fragile items

There are "Fragile", "Perishable", "Bottles" and "Do not turn upside down" stickers calling for attention. It is recommended to use security service for fragile items, and refrigerated service for perishable items.


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