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Major optional services, etc. for Yu-Pack (parcel)

Convenient optional services such as cash on delivery are available.

Optional services, etc.

  • Cash on delivery

    Money collection service is implemented on behalf of the user.
    We also offer lump-sum transfer of money service for payment of the product price in lump sum in certain increments.

  • Pay on delivery

    It is also possible to pay the shipping fee/postage at the time of receiving.

  • ID confirmation delivery service

    With this service, Yu-Pack parcel is delivered only to the addressee.

  • Security service

    Process from the acceptance to delivery is recorded, and the amount of actual damage is compensated (up to 500,000 yen) within the declared amount should the Yu-Pack parcels be damaged or unsent.
    Perfect for sending valuables; feel assured with precautions against unexpected troubles.

Purpose-specific Yu-Pack service

  • Refrigerated Yu-Pack

    Yu-Pack parcels that should be kept refrigerated are delivered under refrigerated temperature from acceptance to delivery.

  • Golf and Ski Yu-Pack

    Golf and ski gear are sent to the golf course or hotels of the ski resort, etc. until the day before use.

  • Airport Yu-Pack

    Travel luggage, golf and ski gear can be received at the designated counter within the airport located within the airport.

    • Only Airport Yu-Pack is handled at the Airport Yu-Pack handling counter.
      (Other Yu-Pack parcel services are unavailable.)

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