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Advantages of "HAKO POST"

You can receive parcels easily anytime!
You can receive Yu-Pack parcels at your preferred time.
You simply take the parcel out from the locker!

* Please refer to the following locations and service available areas below.

You do not need to wait at home or at the counter!
Because all you need to do is to take Yu-Pack parcels out from "HAKO POST," you do not need to wait at home or at the counter.
Your privacy is protected!
Because the Yu-Pack parcels can be received directly from the locker, the parcel is unseen by others.

Internet-order services that Hako Post can be used

How to use

Precautions of use

  • Please pick up the Yu-Pack parcels within three days of email notice (or within seven days from the date written on the non-delivery notice).
  • Yu-Pack parcels that could not be received within the period mentioned above are sent back to the sender. For receiving parcels thereafter, please follow the instructions notified separately.
  • As for Yu-Pack parcels designated as receiving via "HAKO POST," you cannot receive them at the post office counter as a general rule.
  • Please note that the size of the items that can be handled should be within 100cm for the total of length, width and height (within 54cm for the longer side, 41cm for the shorter side and 24cm for the height), and within the weight of 30kg.
  • Optional services such as cash on delivery or refrigerated/chilled delivery are unavailable.
  • Please note that the delivery date and time cannot be specified.


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