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Our request upon depositing postal items

April 15, 2016

Japan Post is currently transporting postal items using aircrafts, vehicles and ships.
Upon transportation, we give special consideration to safety. Based on the Postal Act, we ask our customers to refrain from depositing explosive, ignitable or other hazardous items.
As for transportation using aircrafts, there are further strict restrictions on deposited items based on the Civil Aeronautics Act, which are applied to domestic mails to remote areas and international mails such as EMS.
In order to ensure safe and secure transportation, we ask our customers to describe the content of postal items accurately. In addition, in cases where the description is unclear, we may inspect the content. Further, if you deposit hazardous items in breach of the Postal Act or the Civil Aeronautics Act, you may be subject to punishment according to these laws.

* Please refer here for hazardous items.


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