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Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

Articles Prohibited to be Mailed by Postal Law (Letter Post)

Please note that laws/provisions prohibit certain articles sent by international mail.

Also, the destination country may also restrict certain articles to be sent.

International Mail Conditions.

Articles prohibited by Provisions (Standard Mail)

Regular mail
(For more details refer to the conditions for the destination country)
Metal crimp seal, etc Articles that can cause harm to those who deal with them because of their characteristics or packaging or contaminate/damage other mail or postal facilities.Sharp metal crimp seals used to seal mails which may obstruct the implementation of postal service.
Narcotics Narcotics and psychotropic substances
Articles prohibited by the destination country Articles whose import or distribution is prohibited by the destination country
Live animals

Live animals except for the followings.(Even the followings cannot be included in insured mail)

  • Honeybees, water leechs and silkworms
  • Only parasite and predators of pests, which are used for pest control, and exchanged between authorized facilities.
Pornographic materials Pornographic or immoral materials
Hazardous materials Explosive, ignitable or other hazardous items. However, there is no problem with transmissible agents contained in a small packet sent by research institutions approved by Japan Post Co., Ltd. to countries handling these items. Radioactive substances contained in a small packet are only allowed when going through customs inspection in advance and when being sent to countries handling these items.
Valuables, etc Mails other than registered and insured packages addressed to the countries who we exchange insured packages with should not include coins, banknotes, paper money, securities of any kind payable to the bearer, or processed or unprocessed platinum, gold or silver, precious stones, jewelies and other valuables.

Except for the cases separately specified in enforcement regulations, printed matter, literature for the blind and small packets:

  1. should not include realistic and interpersonal description and documents.
  2. Should not include cancelled or uncanceled stamps, vouchers for payment and securities.

Letters cannot include realistic and interpersonal documents and exchanged between the sender and the receiver, and among their lodgers.

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