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Impact of increased international mail volumes on mail delivery during the coming holiday peak period

December 1, 2017

International mail volumes from Japan have increased continuously, thanks to expanded use of international postal services.

We have made arrangements to secure additional transport capacity and have requested overseas postal operators for their cooperation in handling our mail volumes as smoothly as possible. However, we anticipate that we will accept even larger volumes of mail to other countries during the coming holiday peak period.

Larger mail volumes will be sent from Japan and also from other countries especially to Europe, North America and Asian countries. Consequently, there may be a considerable delay in the delivery of mail items to these destinations, especially to the United States and China, due to congested mail transport capacities of the airlines and the longer time needed for inbound mail processing and customs clearance.

If you are planning to send international mail items during the holiday period, please post them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation with this situation.

Japan Post Co., Ltd.

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